Diomedes Díaz resulted with another blessing that says he is not recognized for being “white”

The man noted that his mother recently told him the truth.

Diomedes Diaz became one of the most famous and successful Colombian artists in the music industry in the country, after his music and style invaded the vallenato genre since the late 70s. Little by little he advanced with his sounds and conquered the public, leaving an unforgettable mark on culture.

Recently, the singer became a trend again in some media and digital platforms after a man appeared who claims to be his unrecognized son. Is about Ronald Patino, exaspiring to the mayor of Fundación by the FARC party, who affirms that he found out the truth recently because his mother told him.

As recorded, this man gave an interview in Sol Digital ST where he took the opportunity to tell a little about how he heard the news and the reason why this information had not come to light from his mouth. The Colombian said that he never knew his father, so the news was revealed until a while ago.

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“My mom always kept it from me because Diomedes had problems. She went to talk to Patricia Acosta and she said ‘now everyone wants to be his son’ and since I was ‘white’, she immediately discarded me. She came, but she never spoke to me about it and was always very quiet. I was very young, “said Patiño about the situation that, supposedly, his mother lived with the singer’s ex-partner.

Ronald indicates that he is not interested in money or inheritance, and does not want to be recognized as the son of the deceased artist, who was known to have children out of wedlock. However, his passion for music has always been felt in his heart and he let himself be guided by it.

The most important thing is that I had a hunch that I have the blood of an artist, a musician. I carry the inheritance alive ”, he added.

Rafael Santos, son of Diomedes, reacted to the publication and told him, laughing, to take a blood test to see if it was true.


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