District Secretary of Health seized 5,000 kilos of food and drink in poor condition

Authorities warn that at Christmas the sale of adulterated liquor increases.

During the months of October and November, the District Health Secretariat carried out more than 360 inspection, surveillance and control operations to different businesses that sell food and liquor, in order to verify that the products they sell comply with the sanitary standards and avoid any type of damage to health.

Regarding beverages, public health surveillance teams have seized more than 1,320 liters of alcoholic products, What beers, sabajones, wines, among others; and non-alcoholic, such as bottled water, sodas and nectars. Its seizure was produced by finding expired, adulterated liquids, with changes in its label or packaging.

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“At this time of December and the end of the year, the measures and actions of inspection, surveillance and control of all the establishments of the city were intensified; Thus, we have carried out more than 360 operations and in these, 5,200 kilograms of food and more than 1,300 liters have been seized of beverages that did not comply with the sanitary norm “, assured Manuel González, Undersecretary of Public Health of Bogotá.

According to the health entity, among the consequences of drinking adulterated liquor It is that it can be generated from kidney and liver damage, to irreversible blindness in addition to severe neurological alterations. Consuming expired foods can cause poisoning that can be identified by upset stomach, vomiting, severe headaches, and diarrhea.

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Therefore, the authorities made some recommendations when buying alcoholic beverages and food at Christmas:

-Buy food and beverages in trusted and recognized sites.

-The drinks that have their labeling, its content, its seal, and its cover in good condition cannot have any alteration.

-If there is certainty of buying and selling adulterated liquor call the competent authorities immediately.


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