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Marilyn Salloum

Any director, no matter how many years of experience he has piled on his shoulders, and his fame extends to the ends of the earth, must find himself confused in the midst of this large number of the most famous stars of “Hollywood”, who should single out the space more? Who deserves to be champion in the first? It is the assistant? And who appears as a guest of honor? Will their appearance all in the same scene steal its luster from the story? Is the director satisfied with letting the camera roam between them in one closed room to complete the creativity in the scene?

Whoever has watched the movie that has caused a stir since it was shown on “Netflix,” “Don’t look up” or “Don’t look up,” realizes that the task is difficult if the director is not professional, the script is rich, and the production does its job, regardless of the wages of this number of stars. He knows that the work is worth watching.

How can you enjoy in two hours and 18 minutes and “saturate” the presence of all these stars at once, which naturally means that you are in front of fierce competition, each wants to highlight his abilities, excel and draw the audience and “steal the camera”, as they say? Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande, Scott Miscudy… Many great personalities, led by director Adam McKay, must be mentioned who helped him manage the artists Francine Maisler, and she took over A difficult task with these adults. McKay is the author and co-author of the story, with David Serotta co-authoring.

“Don’t Look Up” is a virtual reality movie that you can describe as surreal, a black comedy that mocks all political systems, especially the American one and the rampant corruption there, intransigence and recklessness with ignorance and selfishness in decision-making, and how capitalism controls and controls political decisions and elections in America and runs everything according to its interests. And about the dominance of technology makers and modern electronic technologies, especially mobile phones, over everything, stealing people’s personal information, spying on their lives and all their secrets in the smallest detail, and claiming to know everything and their ability to control children and the future, manage the world, and scientists and scientists according to their interests, not according to the general interests of humanity and to protect the earth. and the future, putting scholars and their opinions in the back rows; Rather, they fight them sometimes and mostly ignore them. The film does not forget to address the absurdity of social media and the triviality of television programs that try to exaggerate trivialities and trivialize the fateful and important events, and the drift of people behind rumors and news of the divorce and marriage of artists and their personal lives and the polishing of broadcasters for them and their scrutiny of the details of their lives and deliberately asking trivial and curious questions, while they quickly pass on the scientific news, Focusing also on the viewership achieved by Mughniyeh’s presence and dialogue in a program, and the presence and dialogue of two scientists who explode a scientific and dangerous fact in the same program and live.


The film faces many criticisms, given that this huge budget, which allowed the presence of so many major Hollywood stars, is supposed to produce a work of the same magnitude in terms of techniques, directing, depth of script and dialogue, but what we see does not rise to this level. In people’s opinions, there is some truth in the film’s lack of directorial excellence. It seems that McKay focused on the emotions of the actors, trying to give each one of them the space he deserves on the screen, more than his preoccupation with using advanced ideas that give us the dazzle that befits the idea of ​​the movie and its stars; Note that the basic idea talks about a comet approaching the Earth, and it will lead to its destruction, or rather to the creation of a huge tsunami that will erase every trace of man and stone on the face of the globe. The comet was discovered by scientist Kate DiBiaski (Jennifer Lawrence); Therefore, she was named, while conducting astronomical scientific research that entitles her to a doctorate, within a team of astronomers led by Professor Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is completing scientific calculations to discover that the comet is heading directly to Earth and the impact will occur within 6 months and 14 days. He contacts Dr. Calder (Hettian Park), who contacts Dr. Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan) at the Interplanetary Defense Coordination Office (an office physically located in America), and asks to interview the two scientists, scrutinizing the research and its findings. The circle expands so that the presidency can be informed due to the seriousness of the matter, so the response is to bring Professor Mindy and Kate DiBiasky to Washington. They take them by military plane directly to the White House; They wait with Dr. Oglethorpe and a Pentagon representative, General Thames (Paul Gilfoyle) in a narrow corridor in front of the Oval Office. McKay makes fun of everything in the White House and whoever is in it, even General Thames takes advantage of the three “White House guests” by offering them fast meals that they eat after a long wait, and collecting their price, only to discover that DiBiasky later brought the meals from the adjacent kitchen and they are free in a clear indication of how much corruption. President Orlean (Meryl Streep) and her assistant and advisor Jason (Jonah Hill) pass the scientists without paying attention, and the office closes without calling them due to an “emergency”, a “sex scandal” for one of the candidates. The wait lasts seven hours, then the scientists go back to the hotel to postpone the meeting with the president until the next day.

Of course, the meeting takes place, but the scene seems very ironic. Where McKay focuses on the “nonsense” in the personality and thinking of the president, her advisor and all her staff, and her preoccupation with the elections, her image and her reputation, and her office was filled with pictures of her with former presidents such as Bill Clinton, in addition to artists and celebrities. “Do you know how many times we have had meetings to discuss the ‘end of the world’ issue?” Either because of pollution, or hunger, or ozone, or an epidemic.”

Provoking the president, and provoking everyone who meets with scientists in an attempt to explain what will happen, its danger and the need to move quickly in order to break up the comet before it reaches Earth, until the hosting of Mindy and DiBiasky in the most famous program “The Daily Rep” turned into a farce, because of the presenters of the program Bree Event (Cate Blanchett). ) and Jack Premier (Tyler Perry) and their mockery of the idea of ​​the end of the world, or rather the end of life on planet Earth. Berri is tempting the professor, and she is a model of media corruption who established relations with presidents and prominent personalities and achieved wealth and fame.


The film is full of detail, not only showing corruption in America’s domestic politics; Rather, it is presented as an unfair competitor to other countries such as Russia, China and India, and the preference of its president and those behind her who finance and manage her election campaign, Peter Escherwell (Mark Rylance), founder of the electronic company “Bash” that produces electronic programs, mobile phones and applications that enable it to spy on people and control leaders decision, personal interest over the interest of the people; Rather, the entire globe.

“Don’t Look Up” is a clear condemnation of the rampant corruption in the world at various levels, and a condemnation of peoples for drifting like flocks behind anyone without awareness or thought, and indirectly pays tribute to science and scientists who do not receive their right in terms of attention and appreciation. The strongest performance in it by Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett, the ending is the strongest part for directing, and the work as a whole is worth watching more than once, and the comedy in it is not for laughter; But to wrap the tragedy with a painful smile.

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