Do not take it hands down … get caught in the neighborhoods that will have power outages this January 7

These will be the towns that will be without temporary power service.

Enel – Codensa, lthe company in charge of the energy service, announced that there will be power outage in Bogotá for maintenance in some neighborhoods of the city.

With the commitment to provide a better service, Codensa works daily on the modernization and maintenance of the infrastructure of power distribution in Bogota, to reduce supply failures and respond in a timely manner in case of eventualities.

It is important to take into account the recommendations you make Enel-Codensa to residents of neighborhoods that are on the list of the power outage:

  • Do not leave the electrical appliances connected to avoid overload when service is resumed
  • Plan the purchase of food or other items that need refrigeration.

Bolivar City

South 77 Street and South 79 Street, between Carrera 14 and Carrera 16.


Calle 41 Sur and Calle 43 Sur, between Carrera 71 and Carrera 73


Carrera 1 and Carrera 3, between Calle 17 and Calle 19.


Carrera 56 and Carrera 67, between Calle 21 a Calle 23.

Carrera 65 and Carrera 67, between Calle 23 and Calle 25,


Carrera 13 and Carrera 15, between Calle 70 and Calle 72.


Calle 70 and 72, between Carrera 69 and Carrera 71.

Go up

Carrera 66 and Carrera 68, between Calle 107 and Calle 109.

Carrera 52 and Carrera 54, between Calle 118 and Calle 120.

United Neighborhoods

Calle 99 and Calle 101, between Carrera 48 and Carrera 50.


Carrera 6 and Carrera 8, between Calle 139 and Calle 142.

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