Does Aristeo Cázares have a new romance with an Exatlón México athlete?

After Aristeo Cázares and Carolina Mendoza ended their relationship, both athletes continued their sports careers and professional training in different projects that now keep them apart.

For his part, the champion of the second season of Exatlón México debuted as a host on the morning’s ‘Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana’, where he shares space with fellow winner Mati Álvarez.

The two red representatives are already the favorite stars of TV Azteca and now they have triumphed with their return to the beaches of Exatlón to continue the competition in the Duels of Legends.

But that was not what most attracted the attention of the public, because the parkour expert showed through his Instagram stories the attraction he feels for Valery Carranza, a former member of Heroes who, like him, returned to the show tracks in Legend quality.

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