Drake: They accuse the singer of injuring a model after an intimate act

Although the rapper has not provided a position on the matter on the alleged complaint that a model seeks to make against him, the name of Drake It remains one of the most commented topics on social networks in recent hours, after the experience he had with a woman during an intimate act went viral.

According to the versions circulating in various Mexican and international media, Drake would have had sexual relations with a model he met through social networks, and over time he would meet her in person. In that meeting, both agreed to go to a hotel, however, neither would imagine that the night would end with a painful experience that required emergency medical services.

Rumors indicate that the model, whose identity has not been revealed either, went to look for the condom that Drake used after the sexual act, this with the intention of inserting it back into her intimate area, but the moment of inserting it into the vaginal area , had a painful reaction that allegedly caused a burn injury.

According to the versions that have become popular on social networks, Drake usually discards his condoms by adding hot sauce and thus ensure that their sperm are not used to generate unplanned and/or desired pregnancies by him.

These rumors have unleashed countless memes on digital platforms alluding to how the singer leads his sex life regarding protection.

So far, Drake has not shared any position regarding this rumor, however, he remains active on his social networks sharing posts about the sale of his firm’s merchandise and various physical exercise programs.



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