Drinks, toys and other products that will cost more talk at Christmas

Given the delays in imports of products such as whiskey, one option is to consume national drink such as brandy.

The imports that should arrive in Colombia, coming from China, Europe and the United States present arrears of up to 75 days.

This was indicated by Javier Díaz, president of the National Association of Foreign Trade (Analdex).

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The manager explained that the shipment of containers to Colombia is due to the closures of some ports due to the covid-19 pandemic. The thing is in many parts of the world there has been a slow recovery in imports.

He also warned of an increase in logistics costs of imported products is also reflected in the pocket of consumers, after noting that “A container from China to Colombia for which 2,500 dollars were paid, now costs more than 20 thousand dollars. The rates were multiplied by more than 10 ”.

Díaz assured that It is still uncertain how long this situation will last, although it is expected that I will improve in the first half of next year, because they will have to make more ships and containers available in order to supply global demand.

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Among the items that will be affected during this Christmas are food, toys and gifts in general.

There are also delays in the importation of vehicles and auto parts from Asia, something that has led to an increase in the prices of used cars in Colombia.

Liquors are added to these products, so One option is to consume a national drink such as brandy.


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