Driver hit a boy on the head because his dog pissed on a tire

The intolerant case left the young man ‘grogy’ living in the Villas del Dorado neighborhood, Engativá town in Bogotá.

ALERT … An intolerant driver lit rod in the last hours to a poor boy who was walking his pet on a northwestern street from the capital of the country, because the young man’s dog urinated one of the vehicle’s tires.

Driver aggression It was presented in the Villas del Dorado neighborhood of the town of Engativá in Bogotá.

The injured, identified as Angel Alejandro Fuentes, went out with the animal for a walk, but everything seems to indicate that the dog needed to empty its bladder and mark territory and decided to raise the ‘patica’ on one of the tires and the rim, to let out the jet.

The driver of the Carry-type truck, seeing that the dog had urinated on his tire, argued with the owner and in the middle of the argument, He took out a rod and put it violently on the head of Ángel Alejandro, leaving him ‘grogy’.

While the ‘pelao’ Fuentes was helped by his neighbors and taken to a hospital in the area, where they try to recover him, the abrupt of the steering wheel, already fully identified, escaped the site at high speed, amid the barking of the pet.

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