Driver took out running at the point of ‘pellet’ to glass cleaner who tried to ‘catch’ him in Bogotá

Regardless of the time, nor the other passers-by, this subject shot the informal worker several times.

Impressed, this is how the inhabitants of the Villa del Río neighborhood were left, after the incredible event that occurred on January 5, in the afternoon, when a man who was moving in a car pulled out a firearm and began firing at a glass cleaner.

Apparently the guy who cleaned vehicle windows, He intimidated the driver with a knife because he refused to let him clean the windows of his car.

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Faced with the anger of the informal worker, when he saw that this man did not want to access, he took out a dagger and hit the car window, prompting the other man’s reaction.

The video, that went viral on social media, shows the moment when the man draws his gun, gets out of the car and begins to shoot, while the other character runs through Villavicencio Avenue.

Likewise, this man did not care that the events were presented in broad daylight, much less with the people who passed through this area so crowded in the south of the capital of the country.

Before the attentive gaze of the curious, Fortunately, the glass cleaner managed to escape unscathed, in the midst of this new case of intolerance.

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Internet users who became aware of this event, did not hesitate to generate a whole controversy. Some They attacked Mayor Claudia López for the insecurity rates that have been appearing in the city; and they supported the legitimate defense against this type of person.

On the other hand, other citizens rejected this type of action, since regardless of the situation, all life is of value.

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