Drones on Balad base north of Baghdad and missiles on a Turkish base in Nineveh

The Iraqi security forces thwarted an attack by three drones targeting an air base north of the capital, Baghdad.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell said in a statement that three drones approached at dawn yesterday from the southern perimeter of Balad Air Base in Salah al-Din Governorate.

He added that the forces in charge of protecting the outer towers of the base spotted the planes and confirmed that they were hostile, so they shot them to escape.

On the other hand, an official security source said that a Turkish army base in northern Iraq was subjected to missile strikes.

The Iraqi “Shafaq News” agency quoted the source yesterday as saying that the vicinity of the Turkish “Zilikan” base in Nineveh was targeted by two “Katyusha” missiles.

According to the source, the bombing did not result in casualties among the ranks of the Turkish forces present inside the base.

On the other hand, the “Islamic Call” party in Iraq re-elected former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as the party’s secretary general.


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