Drunk came to a family meeting to fire two women and a three-year-old girl with bullets

The drunken intolerant almost generated a tragedy in a house in the El Porvenir neighborhood of the Usme town in the south of Bogotá.

A drunkard, arrived at a family reunion in the last hours, which was held in a house in the south of the capital of the country, to fire those present, injuring two women and a girl.

Colonel Álvaro Correa, Inspection and Surveillance Officer of the city’s Metropolitan Police, said in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that the terrible case was presented in the El Porvenir neighborhood of the Usme town in Bogota.

Witnesses of the intolerant act say that the drunkard arrived at the property and after looking around and throwing a series of rudeness, Took out a firearm, activating it several times.

In the midst of the ‘lead’ rain, two projectiles hit the face and leg of a 23-year-old young woman and the shoulder of another 31-year-old.

Colonel Correa commented on the news Bogota Alert that a minor of barely three “years old” who was at the site also suffered injuries due to the lover of drinking.


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