Due to a shortage of raw materials, bread could rise in price

Shortage of raw materials and devaluation of the peso, pass a bad move in the costs of bread production.

The National Association of Bread Makers (Adepan) warned about a possible increase in the price of bread during 2022.

The president of Adepan, Marcela Morales, explained that “currently, the bread is with an average price of $ 400, but more hikes are estimated by the return of the national consumption tax (Impoconsumo) and which will be reflected in a higher price to the consumer ”.

He also mentioned that “bakers in Colombia begin this 2022 amid much concern and uncertainty about the future of this economic sector. The continuous rises in raw materials have led to many of these businesses already running at a loss or with increases that can exceed 30% or 40% ”.

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“Largely This situation is due to the global environment, economic reactivation, supply chains, at the price of the dollar against the Colombian peso, “he added.

Next, he said that “also to everything that has to do with the maritime freight, and even climate change in the case of wheat flour, which is almost all imported into Colombia, which has generated a lower availability due to the effects of a lower harvest in Canada last year ”.

Morales explained that “all these situations have been added and have caused this business to have difficulties. There really are problems in small businesses, which can lead to the closing of more businesses by 2022. Due to the effects of the pandemic, around 4,000 businesses closed ”.

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“Bread is a product that the vast majority of Colombians have access to, especially the less favored classes. This situation is really worrying, because bread is present at all times of the day, in all Colombian families. A higher price will of course impact its consumption”, He concluded.


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