Due to alleged cases of sexual abuse in minors, they closed the ICBF home

The alleged aggressor would have been the son of the community mother, investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

After almost a month of knowing the complaint about the alleged sexual abuse of which three 3 and 4-year-old girls were victims, allegedly, at the hands of the son of a community mother in Pereira, the general director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, Lina Maria Arbeláez, revealed on RCN Radio that the home was permanently closed.

“In that case of Pereira, come back and play that 85% of cases that are of sexual abuse against girls. Us We closed the community home, the children who attended, who are 14, were relocated and the three girls who have been victims of sexual abuse are under the protection of the Institute, doing the whole scheme to be able to reestablish their rights ”, he indicated.

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Additionally, within the measures adopted by the ICBF, a special group was created to advance surveillance and control visits in all establishments of this type in Risaralda and the country, with the aim of identifying risk situations in time and taking action on the matter.

“What we have arranged is a elite team called ‘Guardian of Childhood’, to make random visits to all ICBF child development centers, community homes, children’s homes and also foster homes to review any suspected cases and be able to activate code purple to be able to guarantee, not only that the aggressors are answerable to the law, but to protect the children”Added Arbeláez.

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Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office is making progress in the investigation of the alleged abuser of the three little girls in the community home of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, a case that became known in mid-October of this year after the parents of one of the girls filed the complaint before the judicial body.


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