Edgardo Román, father of actor Julián Román died at the age of 71

For several years the artist directed his theatrical space ‘Actuemos’.

The actor José Edgardo Román died this Friday at the age of 71 for reasons that are still unknown.

Romanian He was an outstanding actor and teacher who began his professional career in 1971 and for many years he directed his theatrical space called ‘Actuemos’, where he trained the new generations of the performing arts in Colombia.

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In his artistic career, he alternated between cinema, theater and television, acting in productions of the RCN Channel such as’ El Fantasma del Gran Hotel ‘,’ Here there is no one who lives’, ‘Pura Sangre’, ‘Until the money do us part ‘,’ Los Reyes’, ‘Lorena’, ‘Pandillas Guerra y Paz’, ‘Amor a la Plancha’, ‘Por qué diablos’ and ‘Carolina Barrantes’, among many others.

Likewise, in cinema he ventured into ‘The Dead Men’, also ‘Portraits in a sea of ​​lies’ by Carlos Gaviria and ‘Bolívar the hero’, among many other films.

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‘Rise of the Rats’ by Fernando Soto Aparicio, ‘Caudillo’, by Mauricio Goyeneche., ‘I only tell the truth’, and Tears Color Bermeja ‘, were some of the works in which the prominent actor participated.

During all his life played countless characters. However, one of the most remembered was when he gave life to Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in the inspired series about El Bogotazo, ‘Let’s revive our history’ in 1984.

Through social networks, several personalities lamented the death of the prominent Colombian actor, including Julio Correal, president of the Colombian Association of Actors (ACA), who said: “applause, applause and more applause for the enormous Edgardo Román. Thanks a lot. For Gaitán, for the Lion, for so many characters with whom he literally filled and illuminated our screens and stages. Have a good trip master. “

Roman’s death occurred at dawn this Friday.


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