El “Güero” Castro: The producer tests positive for COVID

Producer José Alberto Castro is at home recovering from COVID-19, virus that you face for the first time after having received the two vaccines and the booster.

Last Friday, he says, He started with some headaches, something very rare for him, and it was this Monday when he did the necessary tests and found out.

“I came out positive. Notice that I think unfortunately it was at the CDMX airport, I think that the necessary measures are not being taken so that we can live together, but hey, fortunately in the production I have not had any reports of any talented people infected. “

“Televisa has not skimped on testing, but with this new strain it seems that it is impossible -control-, you have to take care and have all the precautions and care,” he said.

Fortunately, he says, he has had few symptoms, something he is grateful for because he already had his vaccinations, and his colleague and associate producer, Ernesto, is taking over the recordings of his next production, “Corona de Lágrimas”, a continuation of the telenovela 2012.

“The only thing is that there has been a headache, fatigue, and I hope in the next few days to be able to integrate into the office.

I am very restless, I do not know how to be calm, I am constantly looking to be doing this or that, but it is a moment in which I must be at rest and I have a wonderful team, Ernesto Hernández, my associate producer, is taking charge of everything”.

Her daughters also suffered from the virus last December, but Sofía was already recovered by December 24, and Fernanda still had to face it while in Boston.

“The doctor has checked me, the virus has been kind to me, it has merely been small headaches. I already have the three vaccines, they gave me the booster. People should be more responsible with this, the vaccine helps, the vaccine really helps. and I hope people who haven’t thought about it too much. “

Last Monday “La Desalmada”, his recent telenovela, came to an end on Univision, with a total of 3 million viewers on this broadcast network, thus placing first in the first place at 10 pm.

“Look, first of all I’m very happy that people have allowed us to reach their homes at Univisión and obviously it is something that gives us a better chance of having a second season, hopefully it will soon be possible.

“All (the actors) are very happy, they are very eager to participate, that we can work together, but it does depend a lot on their agendas, it is not that it is impossible, but we will try to be able to square”.

Meanwhile, his associate producer is working on the continuation of “Corona de Lágrimas”, which ten years later takes up the lives of its characters, including Victoria Ruffo.



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