‘El mudo’ fell, who would have used a stone to rob a subject in Bogotá

Until now, it could not be said that he is the author of the act, which occurred in Bosa.

The Bogotá Metropolitan Police confirmed the capture of a man for drugs, which would apparently be related to the attack of a person who was traveling at night through Carlos Alban neighborhood, from the town of Bosa, when he was surprised by a criminal who hit him with a huge stone on the back of his head, leaving him unconscious to steal his belongings.

The fact recorded in the security cameras generated enormous concern among Bogota citizens due to the high rates of insecurity in the country’s capital.

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General Eliecer Camacho Commander of the Bogota Metropolitan Police, He stated that they are investigating whether or not this captured person was related to this attack.

“At the moment we have a person that we are identifying who could be the one who attacked another with a blunt element, with a stone, in the town of Bosa for stealing it”, he indicated.

He added that so far it could not be said that he is the author of the act, so they are conducting the respective investigations.

“At the moment we cannot guarantee that it is this person, despite the fact that a human source says so, this man is captured with narcotics and is being prosecuted, “he said.

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He pointed out that he awaits the support of the Prosecutor’s Office to advance the inquiries that allow corroborating this information.

According to information that was provided at the time by the relatives, the victim had left a local bar where he was hanging out with his friends and minutes after leaving the place, he was assaulted by a criminal who stripped him of his things.


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