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Beirut: Hana Toby

The Lebanese actor, Elias Al-Zayek, went into acting after graduating from the “Stella Adler Academy”, in Los Angeles, and his star shone from the beginning, and he played various roles in “Sawa”, “Scream of a Soul”, “Bghdmat An Eye”, “Deprived” and “Black”. “From the Other,” “I told you it was finished,” “Confessions of a Fashionista,” and other works.

Today, Al-Zayek is reaping the success of the series “8 Days”, which “Shahid” channel started showing, and is preparing to shoot a new part of it.

Since the beginning of his show, “8 Days” has achieved great success, so did you expect this success for him?

– Mostly, when I participate in a work, I give it with all my heart without drawing expectations for it about the extent of its success during the show, and I do not deal with it as if it will change my artistic path, but “8 Days” in particular is a distinguished series in my artistic career, and I expected him Success because all its components are good. It is enough that director Magdi Al-Sumairi provided us with an interactive positive energy, and I enjoyed a lot behind the scenes of filming, although I was hit by a “box” from Alan Saadeh, during the filming of one of the scenes, and broke my nose, and I needed emergency care for treatment, but “8 days.” It remains one of the best jobs I’ve done in my life.

What about your relationship with the heroes of the work?

– The artist Maxim Khalil is very wonderful, modest, good, comfortable, and does not deal with others on the basis of his stardom, and the artist Cynthia Khalifa is very positive, and gives her business partners a positive stimulating energy, and she was my partner in the scenes, and she plays the role of the policeman with high professionalism, while the artist Badi’ Abu Shakra, my testimony about him is wounded because he is my friend and my older brother, and communication with him is wonderful.

Do you consider that today’s drama has evolved thanks to a move away from the stereotypical hero and heroine?

– Drama is going for the better, but its pace is slow because we have not completely gone out of stereotypes, and we still see works that highlight specific faces with the aim of marketing. And the extent of its impact on the recipient.. Art is a weapon that must be used to develop society, even if we present painful stories, there is nothing wrong, the important thing is that we carry them with messages.

Through your participation in the platform business, do you see that it serves you as an actor?

– It serves me morally and enhances my presence, but the experience of platforms in our Arab world still lacks actual subscribers, as people watch without subscriptions, and in order for the actor and production companies to achieve their benefits from the “platform”, it is necessary to implement laws, as is the case in Europe and America, platforms are based In turn, it keeps pace with the change, but it lacks the subscriptions to increase its capital and impose real change in realistic and logical works that resemble us more, and in short episodes.

Are you against the drama with its extended episodes?

– After experience and experience, I decided not to participate in long series that depend on stretching, and if only long series were available, I would not work in acting, I am very selective.

What are you currently preparing?

– “Falcon Films”, in agreement with “Shahid”, will present a new season of “8 Days” and I hope that the preparations will start soon, and I will also exclusively disclose to you my participation in a foreign, European, American film, for which I will travel outside Lebanon to sign the work contract and proceed with it. , and very excited about it.

Are you more passionate about cinema than television?

– Passionate about acting, and every new role provides me with life experience and benefits the recipient in some way. I started my journey through cinema in the movie “Neswan”, and filmed for the big and small screens non-stop, and besides “8 Days” I filmed “Confessions of a Fashionista”, And a huge historical work entitled “Goma” produced by the “Geno Media” company, owned by the Emirati writer Yasser Hareb, in which I play the role of a French professor who works as a teacher for the sons of the Turkish ruler Ahmed Pasha, and I play my character in French.


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