Emberracado drivers block roads in Usme and protest the dismantling of the provisional SITP

Know blocked roads and alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.

In December 2021, the Ministry of Mobility announced that the dismantling the provisional SITP it was definitive, after several decades of this transport system circulating in the capital.

However, protests by drivers continue to cause roadblocks, citing the lack of solutions after they finished their work. Such was the case of the Usme drivers, who on the morning of this Thursday, January 6 They blockaded the Monte Blanco sector.

“There are blockages at the height of Carrera 14 with Calle 97 Sur. For this reason the zonal services that pass through the point make operational returns and detours, and the supply services 3-5 Usmina and 3-10 Usme are no longer served. Center “, indicated Transmilenio in this regard, for those who mobilize in this sector.

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There are already hundreds of workers who depended on the income of this transport service, who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the clearing, mainly in towns such as Fontibón, Suba, Usme and Ciudad Bolívar.

However, Mobility has responded to the inhabitants affected by the departure of different routes, ensuring that in the first weeks of January 2022 there will be the entry of around 400 new buses that will cover the services that have been discontinued.

So far, 135 routes and 5,129 vehicles have been discontinued and will enter the scrapping process.


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