Enrique Peñalosa, hospitalized in Simón Bolívar for covid-19

The presidential candidate presented complications in the last hours as a result of the virus.

The former mayor of Bogotá and presidential candidate Enrique Peñalosa confirmed this Thursday that got infected with covid-19, which is why he could not be present at the most recent meeting of the ‘Team for Colombia’ coalition.

But nevertheless, In the last hours and due to the strong symptoms that he presented, the political leader decided to go to the emergency room at the Simón Bolívar hospital, located in the north of Bogotá.

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In the appraisal, the doctors decided to hospitalize him because he had respiratory complications as a result of the disease.

Sources reported that Enrique Peñalosa is stable but is under observation by doctors to prevent your health from getting worse.

But nevertheless, they affirm that although his condition is not serious, the political leader himself has preferred to undergo check-ups in the care center. It is not ruled out that in the next few hours he can be discharged.

The versions that indicated that Peñalosa was in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit), were completely denied.

Several political leaders have expressed their solidarity through social networks and they have wished Enrique Peñalosa a speedy recovery.

The candidate Federico Gutierrez He wrote on his Twitter account: “I pray to God for the health of my friend @EnriquePenalosa who was hospitalized for Covid-19.”

The candidate Alejandro Char He stated: “My best wishes and prayers for the health and speedy recovery of my dear friend and teammate @EnriquePenalosa. We will wait for him with open arms to continue working for Colombia. Strength Kike, you will come out of this stronger!”.

Alejandro Gaviria said: “I wish @EnriquePenalosa a speedy recovery. A supportive hug of appreciation and friendship goes.

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Humbert of the Street assured: “I hope that Enrique Peñalosa overcomes his health difficulties soon. Good luck. Greetings to his family.”

The Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal He said: “To @EnriquePenalosa our message of solidarity. Speedy recovery”.

David Barguil, presidential candidate of the Conservative party, assured: “A lot of strength and speedy recovery @EnriquePenalosa! I know you’ll pull through and we’ll have you at our next meeting. Colombia needs you!”


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