Epa Colombia was ‘armed to the teeth’ and hired more escorts

Epa Colombia showed off its new workers on social networks.

Epa Colombia, a nickname that Daneidy Barrera acquired and adopted on her social networks, made an important personal announcement through her Instagram account in which, through a video, announces that it increased its security scheme, to circulate more safely in the city.

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And it is that in the face of the multiple incidents that she has experienced in recent days, the keratin businesswoman, shows how motorized personnel and a red car, They accompany the vehicle in which he is traveling, remembering that previously, his father had been injured after criminals tried to steal 100 million pesos, which was the money she had in her possession, and also recently she was rebuked by some subjects, who according to her were chasing her in Bogotá, for which she had to use the exclusive Transmilenio lane. Something that would later lead to sanctions.

In the video you can see how clearly Barrera slides the glass of one of the doors of his luxurious audio, and with his characteristic voice says “Friend, look how I increased the security scheme, this is a great team.”

“So now whoever approaches me, well, nothing, loses the year”says the influencer, while sticking her head out on the roof of the vehicle and shows each one of them.

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A portal specialized in the lives of celebrities, captured this moment, where users of social networks did not forgive the act of the controversial Daneidy, and left all kinds of comments, in which they criticize the one who has shown his scheme of armed menWell, as they mention it, it can be a fourth so that criminals can arm themselves and do their thing. However, others praised Epa’s success, noting that he should take good care of himself, due to the high amounts of money that he has made thanks to his business.


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