Epa Colombia will have a baby with Diana Celis. Will it be Epita or Epito?

The keratin businesswoman is happy as they pan over the home she has built with her partner.

The famous businesswoman Daneidy Barrera, better known as Epa Colombia, shared a video through social networks, where He appears in the company of his current partner, the soccer player from Santa Fe, Diana Celis.

The couple is, in what would be their apartment, in the company of their pets and wearing pink Barbie pajamas.

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Epa Colombia begins the recording confirming that the relationship with Diana It has been six years old and it is already very serious.

“We already have a relationship with Diana for many years. We have been there for six years and well, this is already a relationship. So I was telling Diana if she wanted to marry me ”, said the influencer while holding a small jewelry box.

Diana, who has one of her pets on her legs, replies that she loves her, regardless of whether she has a lot or a little and it puts an unusual condition to give him the “yes”.

“I love you with all my heart. You know that I have been with you forever. I don’t care if you have it or you don’t have it, because I was with you when you had absolutely nothing material, “said the soccer player.

“But i want first let’s have a child by insemination, I want you to give me a child by insemination ”, toCelis added.

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For its part, Epa Colombia is excited and confesses that she is very much in love.

“I am very in love with Diana and Diana is very in love with me. We are going to have a child, friends ”, Daneidy Barrera concludes.

The keratin businesswoman he is happy, while they make a pan of the home he has built with his partner.

It should be remembered that Epa Colombia confirmed, weeks ago, the purchase of a luxurious apartment in an exclusive area of ​​Bogotá.


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