Eric standing firm in the jungle camp: crystal meth, drug addiction and private life

Eric Stehfest (32) looks back on a rather turbulent life. Now he will move into this year’s jungle camp. How do you know the actor and what is his private life like?

GZSZ and “Unter uns”: What does Eric Stehfest do for a living?

Eric Stehfest was born on June 6, 1989 in Dresden. From 2009 to 2013 he studied acting at the “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” University for Music and Theater in Dresden. In 2013 he played the role of Yannick Benhöfer in “Unter Uns”, but left the series after only three months.

Soap role as “Chris Lehmann”, then “Let’s Dance” candidate

From 2014 to 2019 he embodied one of the main characters in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” in the role of Chris Lehmann. In 2016 he took fourth place in the dance show “Let’s Dance” with dancer Oana Nechiti. In the same year he directed the dance film “Trieb – Tanzen ist Leben”, in which he also played the leading role. Oana Nechiti embodied his female counterpart.

In 2019, Stehfest announced withdrawal from the public

In November 2019 he won the second season of “Dancing on Ice”, but stated in the finale that he would like to withdraw from the public as Eric Stehfest with immediate effect.

Anouschka Renzi in the jungle camp: Boulevard-known through a dispute with Désirée …


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Daniel Hartwich (left) and Sonja Zietlow will also moderate the jungle camp in 2022.  Audience favorite Dr.  Bob is also back again.

Jungle Camp 2022: All information about the start, broadcast dates and broadcast times


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Eric Stehfest: Dependent on the drug crystal meth and “9 days awake”

In mid-2015, in an interview with RTL, Stehfest revealed his previous dependence on the drug crystal meth. Through cold withdrawal and with the help of long-term therapy, he has now overcome drug addiction. In 2017 the actor published the autobiographical book “9 Days Awake”, which deals with his ten year long addiction. In March 2020, the film adaptation of the book was broadcast on ProSieben, in which Eric Stehfest is portrayed by Jannik Schümann. As part of the documentary “Eric against Stehfest”, which was broadcast in 2021, Stehfest was accompanied by a camera team during the therapy. In addition to drug addiction, the topic of therapy was, among other things, sexual abuse.

Private life: Relationship with Edith Stehfest

Since November 2015 he has been married to Edith Stehfest, who herself has struggled with drug addiction in the past.

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The couple lives with the children in a commune

Their son Aaron Amadeus saw the light of day in 2016, followed by their daughter Aria Litera in January 2021. The couple live in a commune on a farm in the country.

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