Evelyn Burdecki: ‘Everything about me is 100 percent real’

When it comes to her body and appearance, Evelyn Burdecki is known for transparency.

Burdecki wanted to have an operation on her breasts

The former jungle camp participant has repeatedly emphasized in the past that she is not entirely satisfied with her body and that she occasionally struggles with her weight.

The 33-year-old also thought of a cosmetic operation – she wanted to have her breasts operated on. But she never put these plans into practice.

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To date, the blonde has not had any beauty surgery performed on her, a fact of which Evelyn Burdecki is very proud.

During a question and answer session on Instagram, a curious follower of the 33-year-old wanted to know whether everything about her body was real and natural. “Everything about me is 100 percent real,” was the reply from the Düsseldorf native.

Your fans go into raptures

Burdecki seems to like her natural look. The reality star appears more and more often with little or no make-up.

Even on the red lipstick, the trademark, so to speak, without which the 33-year-old is actually never seen in public, she now often does without.

And her fans seem to like Burdecki’s natural look. “So beautiful without red lips,” one of her followers on Instagram raved about.


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