Evicted woman woke up from coma a day before being disconnected

The brothers continued to carry out additional paperwork, when received a call from the hospital: Despite all prognoses, incredibly Bettina had woken up, after a month of fighting the Covid-19 virus. Andrew couldn’t believe the doctor’s words.

I was completely out of my mind. I dropped the phone because we were going to interrupt life support that day“Adrew pointed out to the local media.

Bettina and her contagion by Covid-19

According to Andrew Lerman, the woman would have been infected after traveling to Portland in September. She was preparing to take care of her husband, who was in a delicate health situation due to a cancer that had been afflicting him.

While you were visiting, Bettina infected almost her entire family with the virus: her son, daughter-in-law and her husband. None were vaccinated, but all were able to recover from the disease, except for Bettina, whose health deteriorated until she was admitted to hospital. She was at the scene until her lungs stopped responding normally, so she had to rely on an artificial respirator and be induced into a coma.


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