Exatlón México participant gives positive to COVID-19 l Is the season canceled?

Exatlón México is in its final stretch, but unfortunately a recent contagion of coronavirus could affect the recordings of the last chapters of the TV Azteca reality show, thus delaying all production and endangering the start of the new season of Exatlón All Star .

According to El Heraldo de México, recently the contagion within the recordings became known, which has the production very concerned, because it could mean a strong delay in the recordings since the corresponding tests must be carried out for each one of the members of both teams, as well as everyone within the production.

So far, the name of the infected athlete has not been exposed, however it is known that this case of COVID-19 already exists within the lands of Exatlón México, so it is feared that more members of the reality show will be ill.

Currently, it is known that production is on pause, however, what was thought would last 2 days while the corresponding tests were carried out, could end up triggering a period of up to 2 weeks without recordings.


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