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This year’s Emirates Airline Festival of Literature presents a full program of family events that includes a range of sessions, workshops and fun activities with distinguished personalities. The festival will start on February 3 and will run until February 13 at its new headquarters in Al Habtoor City Hotels, and will host a group of prominent names in the field of children’s literature. This year’s children’s program is distinguished by its presentation of various topics in an easy and simple manner. The writer Sanaa Shabani urges young readers, in a session full of benefit and entertainment, to take care of their health from a young age in a fun and effective way through the character “Bacterium” who meets “Salmonella” on the plane. Emirati writer and media personality, Safia Al Shehhi, addresses the issue of sustainability through her new book, “Sabara Thirsty,” as she encourages children on the importance of preserving the planet and protecting the environment. In a workshop full of love and creativity, writer Fatima Al Mazrouei presents innovative solutions inspired by her play “The Sleepy Village”, which supports clean energy to help readers build spaces of closeness and love with those they love.

Family members can enjoy the tenth anniversary of publication of “My Grandmother is a Gangster” with the book’s author, David Williams, one of the most famous authors in children’s literature. In a session full of hope and optimism, publisher and writer Noor Arab helps young readers to chart their future and chase their dreams through the story “Dreams of Naya”.

And the festival does not overlook the youth and youth category, as the award-winning writer, Ally Sparks, author of the series “The Transformer”, presents her latest book entitled “Forever Night” and its adventures, the latest fantasy series she wrote with a thrilling and breathtaking ending at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai . Whereas, writer Nayanika Mahtani sheds light on the influence of the past on the present in her novel Beyond Borders, which is suitable for readers from 12 years of age and older. and Irene Entrada Kelly, award-winning Filipino-American writer, author of Hello Universe, Land of Forgotten Girls, and her latest novel, Dreaming of Space, a story of three siblings who discover that life rarely goes smoothly.

Laila Shahrazi

Dubai Sphinx and Hadeel Ghoneim, author of “Shahrazi Nights”, winner of the Etisalat Prize for Arab Children’s Literature for 2020, take the audience on a journey through history, past eras and time to talk about their favorite heritage stories, and the impact of this on their creative journey. While Julia Johnson and Maitha Al-Khayyat explore the origins of pearl diving through stories and charming illustrations. Karen Jaber and Sarah Sadiq reflect on the positive side and unexpected blessings of the epidemic in a session entitled “The Exceptional Stand”.

The festival will also host, for the first time, the well-known Emirati TV personality, Lynne Redman, to celebrate his new book series that introduces us to the character “Lyum”, and his first adventure, “Lyum Pam”, which takes place in Jamaica. As for Ben Billy Smith, aka Doc Brown, British actor, rapper, and comedian, he will explain through his funny hero “Carmichael” what matters in life, and whether fame is a good thing, or not, in the book “Something I Said”. The first novel he wrote alone.

Among the most interesting readings are the “Ben” picture books for young children, with the painter Sav Akus, and the purple bear who shows his dance moves, in his stories “I am the bear” and “the movements of the bear”.

The award-winning Dominican-American writer Elizabeth Acevedo visits Dubai to delight young lovers of literature and addresses many themes in her poetic novel, “Let’s Clap When We Land,” such as feelings of sadness, love, and our human relationships. Writer Sajida SK will discuss her best-selling romance series, “Saints and Misfits,” and “Unfit in Love,” which presents a group of Muslim teens of different cultures within stories and incidents that are funny and realistic that focus on important topics. The inspiration behind the stories and themes she addresses in her literary work.

In an opportunity to unleash the creative energy, the event program includes a series of workshops specialized in drawing, design, creative writing in poetry, prose and poetic performance with a group of creators such as Gulnar Hajo, Sanaa Shabani, Abdul Rahman El Desouki, Sahar Naga Mahfouz and more.

Age is just a number at this year’s Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, as a group of creative young writers will read excerpts from their books and share their inspirations, challenges and ambitions for the future exclusively in a special session on the festival stage in Dubai.


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