Face-to-face classes in public schools continue, despite an increase in infections

These are the measures announced by Mayor Claudia López before the new peak of infections in the city.

Given the increase in infections caused by the omicron variant in Bogotá, there are many doubts among young people and parents about the return to face-to-face classes, that as of January 24, they are expected to have 100% capacity in all public schools in the city.

That is why this Wednesday, the mayor Claudia lopez announced that the decision to return to the schools and gardens of Bogotá in full presence remains firm. However, the invitation from the District has been for minors to attend vaccination points prior to the start of the academic calendar.

According to figures provided by the Bogotá Health Secretariat, 54% of children under 12 years of age have started their vaccination scheme, while 84% of children over 12 are already vaccinated.

“Bogotá is ready. The year 2022 is going to be the year of presence and pedagogical transformation. We privilege boys and girls, and that is why their protective place is the school,” said Edna Bonilla. Education secretary.

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Among other announcements related to the education sector, The Mayor’s Office reiterated that the vaccination card will not be mandatory for the return to classes. In turn, it was announced that the outbreaks of the virus that occur in students will not cause the closure of educational institutions.

ICU occupation and fourth peak of the pandemic in Bogotá

After the epidemiological committee that came forward this Wednesday morning, López, together with the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gomez, disclosed that it is expected the peak of the fourth wave due to covid-19 occurs in the first days of February.

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However, the president gave part of reassurance by stating that the ICU mortality and occupancy rate is not expected to be high, taking into account the progress in the vaccination process that is being carried out. “We believe that we are going to have 140,000 positive cases,” the mayor said at a press conference.

“We do not expect to have restrictive measures. The care is called DAR (Detect, Report and Isolate) and vaccination“He added about it.

Currently, the ICU occupancy in Bogotá, according to Saludata, is 56.9% (311 beds are occupied of the 547 available for care of patients with COVID).


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