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Sharjah: Aladdin Mahmoud

The emergence of the prose poem in the Arab world constituted a stand-alone event, announcing a new poetic wave, or a different era from everything that preceded it. For the waves of modernity that appeared in the Arab world, especially in the fifties of the last century in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and other Arab countries that pioneered that poetic practice.

The emergence of the prose poem came under certain circumstances that produced that creative style; In the sense that its emergence was not absurd or out of fashion and change, but it was closely related to the era and its spirit and the creativity that prevailed in it, especially with the development of arts, especially in the fields of formation, image and all visual creations, so if the painter moved, for example, from transfer and direct expression of nature and its elements, towards its interpretation through formation, something similar happened to poetry in its prose method; This is what happened with cinema, theater and various arts.

The new is always rejected no matter how good it is, but it is temporarily rejected until the recipient becomes accustomed to it; Therefore, when the poem appeared, it was met with criticism from the supporters of the old and the attempt of rapid exclusion before it took root in people’s minds; This is the same thing that happened with the prose poem later on. These new creations were fought with all means and tools, but they were able to withstand and continue and form a different audience; Rather, it changed the concept of the audience itself, as we shall see.

philosophical charge

Although the emergence of prose came after a temporal stage of the two vertical poems and the activator, it is also noticeable that none of these styles has completely removed the other from the scene. There are some objective facts that need to be mentioned and discussed on an ongoing basis. Prose has brought about changes even in the way poetry is dealt with, at the level of its recitation, as well as with regard to the audience; As the prose poem is not presented in the old way in the forums frequented by the public, because its themes themselves differ from the issues addressed by the vertical poem.

If that vertical poem depends on the presence of an audience listening, the prose wanted to go to more profound themes; It deals with the self and reflections on the soul and existence. It is true that this philosophical charge was present in some of the ancient poetry, but it was not among its basic features; Rather, it was poetry that expresses fleeting moments and direct observation of life. Its themes revolve around the values ​​of praise, slander, lamentation and flirtation, which do not express a deep and mature emotional experience; Therefore, that ancient poetic style touched the surface of life, values ​​and morals and expressed them, but did not go into depth in them. The vertical poem also expressed social implications such as chivalry, courage, noble morals, and others; Therefore, it has a public audience, and the poet was at that time a star in society.

An invitation to meditate

Therefore, we note that the concept of the Jamahiriya itself has differed with the emergence of the prose poem, and that the lovers of this poetic form are themselves intellectuals, and this type of prose texts can create a mass base by destroying the concept of “public” itself, so if prose is the son of evolution, the recipient He himself is the son of progress in the knowledge that since the beginning of the twentieth century has become many and varied. So that the relationship between the poet and the recipient is between two creators; Therefore, we see that the prose poem, with its contents that expresses the spirit of the age, has greatly respected the recipient and raised the level of his awareness when it invited him to think, reflect and delve deeper.

It is not true that the recipient should be familiar with the details of the rules and foundations upon which poetry is based, in terms of rhyme and propositions, because what makes a person admire the poetic text is the literary and creative taste within it that makes him desire such literary materials gathered in the beautiful language, refined and eloquent; Therefore, the recipient does not stop much at the issue of that the house is broken in weight or something else. He does not pay attention to that issue, but he can judge the strength and weakness of similes, rhetorical metaphors, wisdom and the underlying meaning within the poem; Therefore, when the prose poem came to transcend those frameworks that arrested the words within it out of freedom, the recipient was not greatly affected by the loss of “weight” “rhyme”, because what he sought in the text remained beauty, and the reader did not really miss those shackles from which the word was freed and became Fly more powerfully with the levers of imagination and idea.

The audience of poetry at all times is a lover of beauty and a seeker of meaning; Therefore, we see that poetic styles in our time live adjacent to the vertical, the activation and the prose, and there are readers who love all of these styles with one condition, which is beauty and proficiency. It does not mean that one of them is a good, modern and modern poet just because he practiced writing a prose poem. This is not true; The issue is related to the poetics and talent that the particular poet possesses; Therefore, we cannot compare a vertical poet or writes the activation while at the same time glorious and capable of his tools with a poet who writes prose while he is a failure. Doubt and doubt about her abilities and potential is that many of those who do not have the talent or poetic ability are writing superstitions or texts without meaning and calling them a text or a prose poem.

The absence of criticism.

Many who lack talent, proficiency, and tools have thought that prose is writing as they like, because they believe that the opposite of poetic “order” is chaos; This is also not true; As the prose poem has its own internal system and rhythm, it is the establishment of a new system that is free from the heavy load associated with the system of building the vertical poem; Therefore, one of the reasons that affected the experience of prose poetry in the Arab world is the absence of specialized scientific methodological criticism, and in its absence hundreds of people spread; Thousands of people claim to be poets of the prose poem without having enough talent.

It is not true what is frequently reported that prose has distracted the audience from poetry, but it is true that it established a new method and stylistics that broke the old equation that depends on the presence of a creator in exchange for an audience that applauds him and tends to cheer him up with his creations, and we note that the current era in which many readers are heading towards the novel In the Arab world, and this is not an absurd issue either. The narration was able to monitor social and modern changes and express the individual, social fragmentation and the difficulty of communication, a field expressed by the novel in the Arab world, and the irony is that this space was expressed by the poem as well in the West, poetry there is not He still finds acceptance and still has the ability to express.

Those who see that the prose poem does not belong to poetry are the ones who have established in their mind a specific stereotype and a certain idea of ​​how to write poetic texts, and they do not want to leave that idea because they believe that it is eternal, and also those who say that poetry has no audience, because they also They possess an old conception of the audience and reduce it to being the one who attends poetic evenings and mornings; This is a different reality, as the new poetic experience presented by the prose poem depends on a careful reading of the text in order to analyze, interpret, deconstruct and interpret it, and this is the task of the new audience. centuries ago; That is, before the discovery of writing and paper.


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