Fatal traffic accident left four people dead

The fatal victims of this sinister road have not yet been identified.

A total of four dead and two seriously injured was the balance left by a traffic accident on the roads of the department of Córdoba.

The events occurred at dawn this Sunday, exactly on the road that leads from Planeta Rica to Caucasia, kilometer 20, where two cars collided head-on; the authorities assure that the hypothesis of this event is yet to be established.

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It is worth mentioning that the two vehicles that were involved in this sinister road were destroyed, it is a car-class car, Chevrolet brand, Sprint line, blue color of QQA-670 plates, in which they were mobilized two men and two women, who died at the scene, who when they appeared covered the Medellín-Coveñas route, the identity of the four victims to be established, apparently they are from the interior of the country according to the authorities.

The other car is a Toyota camper, Fortuner line, white with IAM-777 plates, where two male people who were injured were mobilized, I feel referred to the CAMU of La Apartada, these people apparently covered the Planeta Rica route- Montelibano. They were later transferred to the Montería Trauma and Fracture Clinic.

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The Secretary of Traffic of the department of Córdoba, Fredy Gloria, indicated: “The people who died in this accident have not yet been identified and the two who are injured, one is in serious condition and the other person apparently has broken ribs; we regret this terrible event occurred on the roads of the department “.

The departmental administration will continue to carry out safety campaigns to prevent this type of accident on the roads, in order to create awareness among drivers.


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