Father and his daughter doctor, were robbed and beaten by thieves in Puente Aranda

Four rogues took a Mazda 3, but the ship recovered and one of the rogues was seized on May Day.

A veteran citizen and his daughter, doctor by profession, They were robber victims in the night hours of last Wednesday, January 12 of this year 2022, in the middle of the theft of a private car in the town of Puente Aranda from the capital of the country.

Major Cecilia Pinto, commander of the station Police of zone 16 in Bogotá indicated in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that father and son were trying to park the family’s Mazda 3 in the garage of the property located on Calle 4 with Carrera 57, when suddenly, four guys intercepted them with Firearms, to ‘lie down’ the Japanese-made vehicle.

Apparently the lord tried struggle with the malosos individuos, but it took a strong blow with the handle of a revolver on the head by one of the ‘choros’ who left it in poor condition.


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