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Sharjah: Aladdin Mahmoud

When Allama al-Nafari said: “The wider the vision, the narrower the expression.” Perhaps that lover who is afflicted in the sanctuary of drawing closer to God Almighty, that there are other means, tools and methods other than the spoken word expressing feelings of compassion and the will to walk the path of love, and many of the shared works. At the Islamic Arts Festival, she carried that urgent desire to translate what goes on in the conscience and the feelings of the creator, and she wants to come out in a picture worthy of the purpose and goal, so it was the work of more than one artist to develop a vision packed with beauty and meaning.

Korean Ji Hee Kim presents an artistic installation of a series of cubic lanterns suspended from the ceiling in an interlocking array displayed at eye level, so that the shadow surrounding each lantern is formed separately, and the lantern symbolizes individuality, diversity, and complexity, as is life, and all lanterns are unique, It shines with its own lights, and despite the many details, in the end it forms one artistic body.

Kim intended, through the twinkling lamps, to put the viewer in front of a spiritual state full of radiance and the desire that burns inside him to reach the love of God Almighty.

Hee Kim, who specializes in print and digital art, is dominated by a number of faith ideas, including the concept of revelation and its themes. The idea that man himself ascends in knowledge and walks in the path of God Almighty for the sake of facts and evidence, at that time he will be immersed in lights and enjoy peace. Meditation on his creatures.

Given the somewhat irregular position of each lantern, none of the complete geometries would make sense when viewed from different angles. Although there is a complete display in front of us, there are competing and confusing elements from other luminaires, which complicate the pure vision of the design.

When the viewer is at a certain angle on each of the four sides of the piece, he approaches by continuous gradation to arrive at a clear view of the whole, where he is in a position to appreciate the full beauty that finally reveals itself in brightness and illumination.


As for the Spanish artist, Jose Carlos Garcia, he takes the viewer on a journey full of spirituality through a work that reflects the influence of its owner on the aesthetics of Islamic art that emerged during the Islamic rule in Cordoba, especially the leather decoration “plates of gilded leather”, which is one of the most important artworks rich in color, luster and spirituality. Its main feature is its luster, color, rich decoration and craftsmanship.

The astonishment of García’s installations is that it takes the viewer back to the Spaniard’s creations in the art of leather decoration of the past, and this art reflects the appreciation of beauty in all its forms.

Garcia puts a tremendous effort into creating the gilded Islamic leather panel, and reflects a continuous meditation throughout his working days and nights, as the brightness between the branches and leaves and the harmonious maze leads to an amazing spiritual state.


For her part, the American artist Anna Kaperwasser puts in front of the viewer an artwork full of spirituality, glamor and beauty, reflecting the journey of humanity’s exit from the darkness of ignorance to the lights of faith, which she called “The Order of Revelation”, which is a visual presentation that is inspired by his story from the stages of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an. That extended over a period of years, as the Qur’an was sent down to the Prophet “may God bless him and grant him peace” separately, so God brought people out of darkness into light with it.

The essence of Anna’s work lies in his ability to transform the Holy Qur’an, phonetically, from Arabic into a visual installation according to the order of revelation, not the order in which the Qur’an was collected.

Anna indicates that her visual display is long, multi-part, and silent in a size of “16 mm”, and it displays the translation of Surat An-Najm in a width of “16 mm”, in addition, a light box appears in which strips of film measuring “16 mm” translate the phrase “Bismillah”. Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful” in multiple structures, corresponding to several chapters in the Qur’an.


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