Fémina went to the ‘papayo’ after undergoing a curettage in a clandestine clinic

The responsible doctor is being wanted by the authorities.

At the San Ignacio clinic, in Barranquilla, he died Lorena Inmaculada Gelis Palomino, 37 years old, after an alleged medical procedure to which he would have undergone.

The victim was admitted with internal bleeding, apparently caused by an alleged doctor who was practicing a abortion illegal, as the woman was in the 13th week of pregnancy and allegedly did not want to have the baby.

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As stated by the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, the medical office where the woman would have gone to have the supposed curettage is located at Carrera 4 with Calle 91, San Luis neighborhood, in the southwestern part of the city, where the doctor attends. Manuel Cerpa, who remains a fugitive from the judicial authorities for being implicated in the woman’s death.

It was also known that the man would have charged Gelis the sum of $ 500 thousand to be able to carry out the curettage clandestinely.

What the woman’s relatives said is that she had decided not to have her baby, because she did not have the economic conditions to be able to support the child.

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They also pointed out that initially Gelis Palomino was taken to a clinic where they did not pay the necessary attention because her EPS She did not have an agreement and then they took her to the San Ignacio Clinic, where unfortunately, the doctors could not save her life due to the amount of blood she had lost, due to a rupture of the uterus and a hemorrhage in the abdomen, which caused his death, according to the entity.

The units of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office were in charge of lifting the body and transferring it to the Forensic Medicine facilities.


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