Film premiere: Jan Ullrich in a hoodie with girlfriend on the red carpet

Film for the largest and most extensively produced winter sports film of all time! “Klammer – Chasing the line” celebrated its big premiere on Tuesday in Villach, Austria in Krnten. With this, Franz Klammer, one of the biggest winter sports stars in the world, gets his own movie.

Franz Klammer about Jan Ullrich: “I’m glad he’s doing well”

Franz Klammer received not only family support that evening. Many of his former companions and friends such as Jan Ullrich and Boris Becker had also come. “Jan Ullrich and I are friends and have already been skiing together. What I am personally very happy is that he has scratched the curve again and that he is fine again. In this respect, I am very happy that he is here.”

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Jan Ullrich with hoodie and girlfriend on the red carpet

Jan Ullrich came with his girlfriend Elizabeth. After the numerous negative headlines in the past and a withdrawal in 2018, he presented himself visibly healthy and happy. Although he didn’t appear on the red carpet in a glamorous outfit (salmon-colored hoodie), he obviously had a lot of fun with his appearance.

You can see in the photo series which other celebrities came to the premiere of the winter sports film “Klammer – Chasing the line”.