Find out how long you have to pay your Christmas bonus

Faced with the advance payment of the premium for public servants, many private sector workers have doubts.

Many Colombians look forward to the arrival of the end of the year, not only for the holidays or vacations, but also because it is at this time that employers, both public and private, must pay the Christmas premium.

Because the government recently announced that it would advance the payment of the premium for public servants, many private sector workers have doubts as to when they should pay this money to them.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that the Christmas bonus is a social benefit, which consists of the recognition and Payment in favor of the worker of a sum of money is equivalent to one month’s salary in the month of December, this applies to both the public and private sectors.

The big difference this year is the dates when this payment must be made. Because, take into account the following aspects and dates:

If you are a public servant

The Government issued a decree in which it advances the payment of the year-end premium for public sector employees. The document stipulates that “lpublic entities would have until November 30 to make payments to the servers ”.

The idea of ​​the Executive is that servers have their premium before the first week of December in order to boost economic reactivation and encourage sales on the third day of the Day without VAT that will take place on December 3.

If you are a private worker

In the case of private companies, the advance of the premium will be optional and each company will decide whether to advance the payment to November.

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In case of not making this advance, as stipulated in article 32 of Decree 1045 of 1978, The Christmas Premium will be paid in the first fortnight of December, giving the maximum term for payment on December 20.

Keep these dates in mind so that you do not miss your premium payment day and you can make the corresponding purchases.

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