Find out how much the minimum wage could go up by 2022

However, taking into account the current situation, it is considered that it is very difficult for the parties to reach a mutual agreement to generate a considerable increase; specifying that inflation and labor productivity, could exceed 5%. This would cause a high impact for the economic reactivation of the country, since many people are still hit by the covid-19 pandemic, and your financial stability depends on this salary.

Taking these aspects into account, the Banco de la República conducted a survey in which the rise in the monthly value would be 4,1 % looking forward to 2022.

In that order of ideas, the current salary that oscillates in $ 908,526, would become $ 945,776, that is to say that its increase will be only $37.250, something that the labor unions would not agree on, arguing the increases in the family basket, and in other basic products and services such as transportation.