Find out how to obtain the subsidy with the ‘Tu Llave’ card and who can apply

Faced with the increase in the TransMilenio rate, find out the requirements and how much benefit you can access.

This Tuesday the increase in the rate of TransMilenio, a news that has caused displeasure in several citizens and that during the morning unleashed some protests promoted by hooded men in different portals of the city.

Although the adjustment applies to the majority of Bogotá’s population, there are some exceptions that certain population groups can access, in order to maintain a differential rate according to its conditions.

This time, from the District Administration they have recalled that through the card ‘Your key’ personalized, adults over 62 years of age, people with disabilities and also those who are part of Sisbén With a score equal to or less than 30.56, they will be able to apply to certain benefits provided by the Bogotá mass transportation system.

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How much is the TransMilenio subsidy?

For these groups of people, the value of the ticket will remain at $ 2,160 in the case of trunk service, while in zonal services (SITP), the ticket will cost $ 1,980 in up to 30 trips per month. In this case, the user must make recharges equal to or greater than $ 50 pesos.

Regarding people with disabilities, the subsidy will be $ 25,000 paid monthly to the special tullave plus card. The value of the ticket for trunk services is $ 2,500 and for zonal services it is $ 2,300 COP.

The value of the transfer, as for the rest of the citizens, will continue to be 0 pesos from Troncal to Zonal or between Zonal and Zonal, and $ 200 from Zonal to Troncal.

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How to apply for the subsidy?

Those interested in completing the procedure may do so through the Your Key link, enter their data and in turn, personalize the card with which they access the transport system.

“It is not directly at the box office presenting any document or requirementBut those who are previously registered and have personalized their card can obtain this subsidy, “said Felipe Ramírez, outgoing manager of TransMilenio.

Once the interested parties have made a successful registration on the tullave portal, they must enter with their password and make the necessary changes to personal data.

Those who still do not know if they can apply for this subsidy, can make the inquiry through is the link.

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