First images of the accident of Mr. Black and his wife Yuranis León by Turbaco

A pain in the driver’s chest would have been the cause for which he lost control of the vehicle.

At dawn this Sunday, the champeta singer Mr. Black, in the company of his wife Yuranis Leon and his work team, suffered a traffic accident in the sector Loma de Piedra, in the municipality of Turbaco (Bolívar).

According to preliminary reports from the authorities, so far three people have been injured, including the singer’s wife, who would have suffered some injuries due to the overturning of the bus and was taken to hospital.

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Apparently, the cause of the accident would be related to severe chest pain suffered by the driver related to a pre-infarction, which caused him to lose control of the vehicle, according to the media. The universal. However, the facts remain a matter of investigation.

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