Flies … Power outages in neighborhoods of Bogotá for this Thursday, November 18

More than 20 neighborhoods in the city will have the service suspended for maintenance work.

Ein – Codensa, lthe company in charge of the energy service, announced that there will be power outage in Bogotá for maintenance in some neighborhoods of the city.

With the commitment to provide a better service, Codensa works daily on the modernization and maintenance of the infrastructure of energy distribution in Bogotá, to reduce supply failures and respond in a timely manner in case of eventualities.

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It is important to take into account the recommendations you make Enel-Codensa to residents of neighborhoods on the power outage list:

  • Do not leave the electrical appliances connected to avoid overload when service is resumed
  • Plan to buy food or other items that need refrigeration.

Power outages in Bogotá for this Thursday, November 18:


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