Flies that will arrive new Pfizer vaccines in Bogotá, but they will not be for first doses

After the doses of this vaccine ran out in the city, it was reported that new batches will be destined for booster vaccines.

On November 23 Pfizer vaccines ran out in Bogotá after being applied to pregnant women and the population between 12 and 17 years of age. Given the situation, the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, announced that the next doses from this laboratory that arrive in the city will be destined only for second doses.

The official warned that “The Pfizer vaccine that arrives in Bogotá will be exclusively for pending second doses. There will be no Pfizer vaccine to start schemes, because we will not have Pfizer later on (…) If there is a person who asks for Pfizer for a third dose, there will not be and there will not be ”.

In turn, Gómez emphasized that the only exception for the first doses will be for pregnant women who must start the scheme. Otherwise, People who wish to get the first dose with the vaccine from this laboratory, will not be able to do so.

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As for minors between 12 and 17 who start their vaccination schedule, it was announced that they will be able to do so with the doses of the Moderna vaccine.

On the other hand, after the green light was given to the booster doses for health personnel, the secretary reported that five points have already been enabled in the city, in which it is expected to reinforce the scheme of about 190,000 workers of this sector. The places arranged for the application of vaccines are:

-Plaza de los Artesanos
-Hacienda Santa Bárbara
-Metrópolis Shopping Center
-Our Bogotá Shopping Center
-Centro Comercial Titán Plaza (from Friday)

Regarding the requirements for health workers, it was clear that only the vaccination card that certifies their link to this sector must be presented, in addition to having received their last dose six months or more ago.


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