Follow the ‘colatón’ in Transmilenio: young people protest against the increase in the passage in Marly

The young people released the turnstiles and allowed users to enter without payment, in the middle of the ‘rush’ hour.

At around 6 in the afternoon this Tuesday, a new ‘colatón’ at Marly station, northeast of Bogotá, specifically on Avenida Caracas with Calle 39.

At the station, a group of hooded men held a protest against the $ 150 increase in the Transmilenio ticket, which will remain for this year in $2.650 and that of the SITP, which remained in $2.450.

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The young people released the turnstiles and allowed users to enter without payment and during rush hour. What’s more, the mass transit system reported an intermittent blockage in the exclusive lane, north-south direction.

However, a few minutes ago the passage for the fleet was enabled in both directions of the trunk and the demonstration dispersed at the height of Carrera 13.

The other trunks of the transport system operate, at the moment, No news related to demonstrations.

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It should be remembered that since the early hours of this January 11, ‘colatones’ were registered on portals such as that of Come up, Usme, El Dorado, among other stations of the transport system. Faced with this situation, uniformed police and Esmad have been present in order to control the protests.

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