For not knowing how to ‘take a pole’, subjects seized themselves and had a commercial premises sealed

In La Divina, an establishment located in the village of La Boquilla, there was a fight during this weekend. During the events, operations were carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior and Citizen Coexistence, the National Police and the National Navy, resulting in a 10-day suspension of commercial activity in the place.

According to David Múnera Cavadía, Secretary of the Interior and Citizen Coexistence, “as a result of these actions, an establishment was closed where there was a fight between several of the attendees. In addition, during the search they were found a traumatic weapon . For this reason, the Police immediately suspended commercial activity and sanctioned the establishment with 10 days. “

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The actions are given from the implementation of the security caravans, where in addition the suspension of the activity and immediate closure of three establishments that did not meet the stipulated capacity were achieved by the authorities as part of the actions implemented to control the Covid 19 virus, which has done so much damage in Cartagena and Decree 1327 of December 14, 2021.

The sites covered by the measure were: Azul Beach, Arrecife, Coco Beach, of which several complaints had also been received and requested the intervention by the authorities.

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“The call is also for the citizens who frequent these sites to comply with the regulations established both in biosafety and compliance with schedules so as not to be immersed in sanctions for ignoring the regulations,” said Múnera Cavadía.

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