Former Football player dies after one police officer brutally kneels his neck

Former Football player dies after one police officer brutally kneels his neck

Yet another day of police brutality. The news of George Floyd’s death by four police officers came as a shock to everyone. The incident took place on Monday evening in Minneapolis, when four police officers arrested the former football player, George Floyd for an alleged forgery. They were told that the suspect was sitting inside the car. The police claimed that the suspect resisted when the asked him to get out of his car. Later on, a video of the same incident went viral on the internet and it appears that there was no physical resistance from Floyd’s side. Further in the video, it can be seen that four police officers were harassing Floyd and mistreating him with one officer kneeling on his neck. The officer kept suffocating the former footballer even after he complained of not being able to breathe until he collapsed and died.

Many eyewitnesses captured the incidence on their smartphones and the video reached millions of people. The police brutality seen in the viral video enraged the netizens and many celebrities.

A lot of people showed up in Minneapolis on Tuesday to protest against racism and injustice towards black people. People also urged for the arrest of the four police officers involved in Floyd’s death. Many A-list Celebrities like Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Kim Kardashian West, etc expressed their anger on their respective social media handles.

Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey expressed his disapproval towards the incident and said “The technique that was used is not permitted; is not a technique that our officers get trained in on. And our chief has been very clear on that piece. There is no reason to apply that kind of pressure with a knee to someone’s neck.” All four of the officers were fired from the police department and further inquiry is being done by the FBI.