Former President of Kazakhstan urges support for government amid crisis

Former Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Saturday urged the population to support the government in dealing with the crisis in the country, his spokesman said on Saturday.

Nazarbayev called on “all citizens to unite around the president of Kazakhstan to allow him to overcome this crisis and guarantee the integrity of the country,” his spokesman, Aidos Ukibay, reported on Twitter.

The spokesman also indicated that the former president is in “direct contact” with his successor, Kassym Jomart Tokayev, whom he handpicked after leaving power in 2019 after several decades at the helm of this central Asian country.

Nazarbayev also made a call not to spread false and speculative information, referring to reports that the former president had fled the country.

The 81-year-old former president has not made a public appearance since the start of the wave of protests over a rise in the price of gas that led to violent riots with dozens of deaths this week.

In the protests, much of the protesters’ outrage is directed against this former president, who still maintains a lot of influence.


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