Frankie Muniz opens up and talks about her memory loss

Frankie Muniz, known for starring in the television series “Malcolm in the middle”, He opened up and finally spoke about his health problem, which It prevents you from remembering some situations in your life.

“It almost feels like it’s not me. It makes me a little sad “

Remember that Frankie suffered in 2012 and 2013 from what, at the time, was diagnosed as strokes. Well, apparently the doctors have diagnosed a special case of “migraine”, according to the actor in the podcast “Wild Ride! with Steve-O”.

“This is the first time I’ve really been able to clear it up,” Muniz said. “If you look for my name, all it says is I have no memory or I’m dying of strokes and all these kinds of things.”.

Muniz, 36, explained that he has had at least 9 concussions, and believes that the fact that he did so many things in that period of time, it is normal that you cannot remember everything.

He added that, when he participated in “Dancing with the Star” (2017), he spoke about his experience with this memory loss during the filming of “Malcolm, the middle man”: “They told me: ‘It must be 2001 (your most memorable) because that’s when you were nominated for an Emmy and the Golden Globes, and all that sort of thing. “

However, he added: “I said: ‘I don’t remember what I felt then. I do not know, know? It was me ignoring the fact that I cannot say: This is my favorite year.

Finally, about his experience in “Malcolm, the one in the middle”, Muniz said that “The truth” does not remember much.

“It almost feels like it’s not me. It makes me a little sad ”, he lamented. “Things come back to my mind (which) I should have remembered. I have managed to do everything I really wanted to do. But the truth is that I don’t remember much of that. “



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