From a drawing mother realized that her ex-partner was abusing her daughters

Although the mother filed the complaint, the authorities have not captured the subject.

An outrageous case has the entire community of La Plata, Argentina in suspense, all because of a sexual abuse in which it was two minors subjected by their stepfather, for about 5 years.

The unusualness of the matter occurred because one of the little girls, through a terrifying drawing, expressed what the subject was doing to them. However, what has most attracted the attention of the community is that despite the fact that the mother has already filed the complaint with the competent authorities, they have not yet captured this man.

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Belén Villalba, which is the name of the girl who made the drawing, explicitly shows a subject and a girl while he rebukes her with kisses, lying on a bed, where it is clearly shown that his member is on the outside.

The mother of the little girl immediately filed the complaint with the Departmental Directorate of Investigations, which they certified by means of a medical examination, that in fact the two minors had been abused in act of violent carnal access.

According to the TN medium, he explained that this man intimidated the little ones through blows and threats, and all they did was keep quiet. In addition, he told them that it was on his mother’s orders that he proceeded to commit these acts of aberration.

Later the mother of the infants went to look for him at his place of work, and confronted him in the middle of a nervous breakdown he had, to which the subject all he did was keep quiet, according to the woman.

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However, more than a year after the fact, the man left this woman to go with what would be his new partner, who also has an 11-year-old girl, according to rumors from neighbors.

It is expected that, Faced with the accusations, the authorities make effective the capture of this person.

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