From Disney to the sex industry: Demi Lovato launches sex toy

The celebrity didn’t hesitate to get excited and talk a bit about this.

Demi Lovato He has been the protagonist of different news internationally due to his constant changes in appearance, the musical projects he launches, the crises he has experienced with his addictions and the commitments or relationships he sustains. The young woman has captivated her fans with the ideas she launches and captures on her social networks.

Recently, the Disney ex-actress caught the attention of the curious with an unexpected announcement on her official Instagram account, where showed a product that had been launched on the market. The celebrity didn’t hesitate to get excited and talk a bit about this.

Lovato, who starred in ‘Sunny among the stars’ and ‘Camp Rock’, published a photo in which he was officially showing the new sex toy that he launched on the erotic market. The artist decided to venture into this space with a vibrator he named ‘Demi Wand’, which in Spanish translates as ‘Demi’s wand’.

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This object, which is yellow in color and of a prudent or standard size, seeks to achieve another level of satisfaction in those who use it, causing a different reaction in intimate or personal relationships. The goal is to break down the social stigmas that exist regarding sexual pleasure.

“I present them ‘Demi Wand’. I wanted to create my own sex toy to eliminate the stigma of pleasure and to take her sexual relations to a new level, “wrote the artistic star in the caption of the post, where she already has more than 300,000 likes.

The truth is that this new facet of Lovato seeks to conquer new audiences and thus expand the ideas he has a bit.

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