From Vicente Fernández to María Félix: The incredible bioseries that will premiere in 2022

Emblematic characters who are no longer with us, such as Vicente Fernandez Y Maria Felix, as well as other celebrities such as Gloria Trevi, will be a key point for some bioseries of this 2022.

Encouraged by successes such as “Until I met you”, a series about Juan Gabriel and “Luis, Miguel, the series”, from Netflix, other productions are already preparing their own story. Therefore, here we share some of the most outstanding.

Vicente Fernández will have two bioseries

One month after the death of “El Charro de Huentitán”, Televisa and Univisión are already preparing the bioseries of the famous singer. A popular entertainment magazine confirmed that Paul Montero It would be the image of the Mexican television series. The actor still cannot mention anything until the project is announced by Televisa.

As for this effort, the production will be in charge of Juan Osorio. The actress who will give life to “Doña Cuquita” it is planned to be Iliana Fox. So far it is not known when the release date will be or the start of the recordings. What is known is that they have already started with the castings. This bioseries will probably come out at the end of 2022.

Another confirmed project to be carried out on Vicente Fernández is the production by Caracol Televisión and Netflix, starring Jaime Camil, a series of 36 chapters. The recordings began in September of last year and the cast will include Sebastián Dante, Fabricio Serna and Sebastián García. In addition, the story was carried by the hand of Don Vicente himself before he died. Its premiere is this 2022.

Gloria Trevi

The controversial life of the interpreter of “Everyone watches me” will now be on television. Although a film was made in 2014 about the beginning of her career and her suffering in the “Clan Andrade”, the singer was not very satisfied. Now under the production of Carla Estrada for Televisa, this series is being prepared that will mainly highlight how Gloria Trevi got up after leaving prison and all the scandals that surrounded her.

For the same series, a large casting was opened last year to find the protagonist who would give life to Trevi in ​​her story, there is still no name. However, it is known that the story is told personally by Gloria, her family, people who were in jail with her, lawyers, companions with whom she was locked up in Andrade’s time and all those who have been involved in her life. The premiere could be this year, but nothing is confirmed.

Miguel Bose

The Spanish singer already has his biographical series that will be shot in Miami and Spain starting this month. The biopic will be broadcast on the Paramount+ platform and will portray his life in three aspects: as a child, in his time as “Bandido” until he was thirty years old and to end in his mature age when his children were born. In the film the actors will sing the songs of the interpreter of “Aire soy”.

The series was planned to have three seasons, but for now it will only have one with six episodes. This project is produced by Shine Iberia and is written by Boris Izaguirre, Ángeles Gonzáles-Sinde and Nacho Faerna. The actors confirmed to play the singer will be Iván Sánchez and José Pastor. So far there is no release date.

María Félix, starring Eiza González

One of the greatest divas of Mexican cinema returns to the big screen and this time in the hands of Eiza González, who will play her and will be the producer of the film. Also joining the project is Emmy-winning Matthew Heineman.

“This is one of the most exciting times of my life. I’ve always wanted to tell a story that features women, especially Latina women. Maria was a trailblazer for the feminist movement who helped lay the groundwork for future trailblazers. Maria is an inspiration.” for me and for many others. I am very grateful to those who have the rights to María Felix for choosing us to share her story with the world! I can’t wait! Arriba Sonora! “wrote the protagonist of “Lola, Once upon a time”.

A documentary, a play and probably a biographical series about the diva are also planned. This was stated by Guillermo Pous, the legal representative of María Felix’s heir, Luis Martínez de Anda.

“The intention is to produce a documentary, a film, a staging and also a novel and with these products begin to develop others in connection with the image of ‘La doña’ and with intellectual property begin to apply the brand to different products and services to be able to have a much broader range than this character deserves,” said the lawyer for the First Hand program.

There is still no release date for the film or any of the aforementioned projects.


Roberto Gómez Bolaños was one of the great and most famous comedians on Mexican television. His characters such as “El chavo del 8”, “El doctor Chapatín”, “El chapulín colorado”, among others, who remained in the minds and hearts of all of Latin America. Your life will hit the small screen soon. It was Pati Chapoy who confirmed that this production was a fact.

Among the possible actors who would play Gómez Bolaños is Eduardo España who has confirmed that he has spoken with the comedian’s son about his interest in being the one to bring Chespirito to life in fiction. Also the Chilindrina, María Antonieta de las Nieves, has spoken to be part, if they invite her.

So far it is not known when the bioseries will be released, nor do you want to be part of the cast, but the realization of this project is already a fact.

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