Get off a billetico … This is how the TransMilenio and SITP passage remained for this 2022

Learn about the increase in the rate that begins to apply as of today for articulated and zonal transport.

2022 began for Colombians with different increases in transportation, food, services and taxes. In the case of Bogota citizens, one of the increases that came into effect as of this Tuesday, January 11 and that has had an impact on pockets, has to do with the passage of TransMilenio Y SITP.

The adjustment, which had not been made for two years due to the pandemic, for this year was $ 150 in the trunk and zonal system.

To that extent, the citizens of the capital will have to pay as of this Tuesday $2.650 at Transmilenio ticket, while in the case of the SITP, the rate will be $2.450.

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What are the exceptions to the TransMilenio fare increase?

From the Bogota City Hall It has been made clear that the previous rate ($ 2,500) will be maintained for the adults over 62 years of age and people with a score lower than 30.56 at SISBEN, in addition to the people with disabilities that have subsidies.

Similarly, card services will continue to be maintained ‘Your key’ customized as:

  • Up to 2 trips on credit when the card runs out of balance.
  • Transfers from 0 to 200 pesos between zonal and trunk buses in a window of 110 minutes from the registration of the payment of the passage.
  • Recover the balance in case of loss of the card.
  • Web reload.

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