Get the bucket ready … Water cuts in Bogotá for this Wednesday, November 10

The suspension of the water service will take place in Suba, Usme and other locations.

New water cuts will be scheduled for this Wednesday, November 10, sas mentioned by the Aqueduct and Sewerage Company of Bogotá.

Several localities will be affected with this suspension, because it seeks to generate a meticulous maintenance work that allows the necessary adaptation, to bring better water service to the entire community, and at the same time repair minor damages that contain the pipes of the neighborhoods that are going to be affected, so that to have a better quality in the purification of the water.

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These works seek to adjust the underground connections for the supply of the service, and therefore do a proper cleaning to them, to also prevent the spread of contagion due to covid-19; therefore this will be suspended for a few hours.

If your locality and in turn your neighborhood are on the list, take note and abide by the following recommendations:

  • Store the water in jars or jars previously washed and disinfected, cover them and try to consume it as soon as possible.
  • Collect enough water so that you can use it according to your basic needs while the service is being replenished.
  • Disinfect and keep taps, tanks, dishwashers, among others, in good condition.

Water cuts for this Wednesday, November 10:

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