Gilding archaeological manuscripts in the Juma Al Majid Center | Gulf newspaper

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a virtual scientific lecture entitled “Illumination in the depictions of archaeological manuscripts”, presented by Dr.

Al-Rashidi spoke on several axes, most notably the definition of gilding in language and terminology, the history of gilding, its sources in the Arabian Peninsula, methods of making gilding, types of gilding in manuscripts, and locations of gilding in manuscript illustrations.

Then the lecturer dealt with the arts of gilding, and said: “Illumination is one of the oldest arts of the book known to man, and it is an ancient method of decorating that the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Byzantines knew. Gold and its use in ornaments and adornments are common in the Arabian Peninsula.

The lecturer pointed out the diversity of gilding methods in the images of archaeological manuscripts, including the method of pasting, painting and spraying. He also talked about the diversity of gilding places in the images of archaeological manuscripts, whether as the background of the pictorial scene, the executed decorations, or the frames surrounding the archaeological images.

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